Identify facial expressions in a moment. I also understand the compatibility between him and you. A culturally professional appraiser (fortune teller) in Tsudanuma, Chiba Prefecture

Hello ,, Masa is 9 (‘ω’) و

Plans to open
A brochure is completed.
It is said that the schedule for future store opening will be as stated in the pamphlet.
Please confirm ^ ^
* It is the correction of the following pamphlet contents
Appraisal suspension→鑑定休業↓
Every month ↓
8-12 days
New Year’s Eve. Three days in the new year.
※ 4-8 days only in April

Appraisal fee from 3000 yen

※ You can call Mr. Sakai of the appraiser at the image click above.

Contact: Telephone reservation · Inquiry reception time
PM 1: 00 ~ PM 11: 30
※ Please do not leave a message on the answering machine.
※ Please be sure to inform us of cancellation and time change beforehand.
* If the smartphone is the following image icon link, the phone will be launched
※ Japanese only available, so prepare a translator.

I will introduce Mr. Sakai’s official page soon finally completed this time.
This is it (⋈◍> ◡ <◍). ✧

Mr. Sakai official website (end of contract ended at the end of 2018)japanese site
Just well ,,, If you can meet or talk if possible
At least for video calls and telephone only

Personally I recommend you to speak directly
I can listen to it in detail and, more than anything, I am a professional in the professionals of both humanities and hands.
It seems that this year’s appraisal history is 35 years (as of 2018)

At the very least you can also consult directly with video calling
We recommend you ╭ (· ㅂ ·) و ̑̑ Good!

※ The photograph is permitted to photograph himself & published to the public
Well, this time, I talked deeply with the University of Tokyo studies stories
I would like to introduce the fortune teller of Tsudanuma who gently diagnoses women (1 • ㅂ •) و

Thanks to everyone, I got to access and Mr. Sakai
A lot of reports have been sent that say.

For those who can not meet Rosuke Sakai in the distance
I think the site above is good news ^ ^

Suddenly at the end of the work, when I was walking around Tsudanuma station in Chiba prefecture
Anyway, “Anything! The fortune-teller’s fortune-teller
It was quietly spreading the desk in the corner of the road (- _ -)
It looks like a Japanese clothes like Mr. Kazushi,
From the lantern to the atmosphere
It was a very fortune-teller’s old man

Masato Sakai encounter talk

For a couple of weeks, just looking at the fly on the way home, I was watching the situation.
There seemed to be customers so far, the opening hours mainly seemed to be after 21:00.

As a person who personally tapped tarot and other fortune telling,
I was curious how I could listen to what I was talking to, and finally talked to one day
They answered every question, moreover
Buddhism, hands, and humanistics so that they can lecture at university
He was a profoundly educated person. By the way, your name is “Mr. Sakai”

My faculty seems to be “a person who earns in the distance” and “a person with a religious spirit”
Actually, I am from Tohoku. It is a religious one.

So, the bride is “a strong person, is not it ~”.

Certainly, I can not get caught by a little or softly
It is a person who has “strength to live”.
Well, you know well that the bride is not in front of you.

According to the story more than 15 years, the New Year of the third day
I am thinking about being a festival at a big temple at a New Year’s event
She seems to teach humanities at university too.

Very friendly, deep education and easy-to-understand words
And the atmosphere of a warm uncle (ڡ ლ ლ)
It seems to be well received, how about having it taste once?

※ Nya I will please through me lol

Is this another woman? It is a story about the person of
I’m going to introduce.
Easy Come, Easy Go! japanese site

Of course, I have troubles, I heard that they are welcome.
There is a tremendous thing in the hit rate of a person and a hand.

Since there are many browsing and questions, I will summarize the information.
Place of departure: JR Tsudanuma station in Chiba prefecture · Near Shin Keisatsuranuma station
↓ Here it is ↓

2-24 1-2 chome, Tsudanuma, Narashino City, Chiba 275 – 0016
It is near.

※ This place is not a store but a depression between a building and a building.
We spread the table there and store it on the street.
It seems to be hiding behind the scenes so it is very hard to see
Those who would like to appraise, if you can not find
Please note the above points.

Opening hours: Mainly from 21 o’clock until the last train to next 1:00
Store opening date: * Details are listed below * 2 It is a day off if the weather is unseasonable, such as heavy rain. Basic opening of stores such as light rain
※ 3 Please confirm by telephone when weather is bad.
Appraisal fee: uniform 3000 yen ~
Appraisal time: average 30 minutes to 1 hour. If there is no next time it can be more than 1 hour (mainly chatting or encouraging after appraising!?)
Content of appraisal: seeking future work by facial expression, approximate personality of marriage partner of the future, seeking of family system
· Intuitive diagnosis by overall reading of eight-point advice and client’s impressions
· Transfer of a method to accumulate virtues. If there is a face picture of a lover’s partner there is also a person’s compatibility diagnosis of that person.

Fortunately fortunetelling
Be academic
It is transcendental
It is mysterious
Statistically feeling
There is a romance.

Then, also ─ = ≡ Σ (((one · ω •)

Recent customer’s voice corner ☆ 彡

Reprinted from here ~
Mr. sama. I was able to see Ms. Sakai. In my case, I did not touch the face and it was hand. Things that happened in the past, now, wonderful things that are happening (scientifically proofable), etc. I myself lost a feeling of time and it resulted in inconveniencing Sakai-sama. maybe. Sakai-sama, who had a wonderful view of life though I will refrain from describing the content of fortunetelling. I’d like to find a companion and I will see you again. Mr. Sakai-sama’s information stated, Thank you very much. I appreciate being able to meet the wonderful one.
~ Reprint here far ~

It seems like I was able to see you safely and it was nice.
Although it is indirect, as a chance to meet with people like Mr. Sakai
It is an honor to be useful.
To open up new possibilities of life, advance, convince, and so on, to be a good opportunity
I will continue to provide information.
What are you worrying about, what did you search for and find out ^ ^
Visit, search, and contact with Sakai-san
I’m glad. (ڡ ლ ლ)

Reprinted from here ~
Hi Masasa

Thank you for always providing the information. 2017/08/02 It is the latest information.
I met Mr. Sakai, but fortune-telling became a later date, though ….

Because, recently it is filled with reservations by phone.
When I go to the site around 2017/08/02 around 21:10, I am just preparing to open ☆ 彡.

When I speak to my heart unexpectedly, “Are you on the phone?”

Telling that “I am different …”, while showing a disappointing atmosphere,
I recently returned with a phone reservation …. “

Today (8/2) already has 3 people ‘s reservation,
Although I was able to respond if I come around 22:30,
My circumstances are bad,
I decided to ask you later and left the spot.

With a generous atmosphere,
It was the one who had “Fukuoka” enough to give a strong impact.

Despite the fact that we got information about the net information,
What I could actually see and feel,
Today’s harvest & thanks became.

I think that it would be useful for something. (⋈◍> ◡ <◍). ✧ ♡
In addition, I think that you can share information. (^ ^ ♪
~ Reprint here far ~

It is a very thankful story ^ ^
Sakai’s Fukutake and that relaxed and happy
The face you are talking to is coming up
^ ^) Daily ~~

~~ Reprinted from here ~~
Hello K

Hello (^ – ^)
Looking at this information, I had fortune-telling by telephone reservation yesterday.
I was hitting all the things being told that it was quite a hit rate …! I was surprised.
I would like to ask again.
Thank you for having valuable information.
~~ Reprint so far ~~

Mr. Sakai’s intuition diagnosis and other points of preference
There are tremendous things.
Thank you for a nice share ╭ (· ㅂ ·) و ̑̑ Good!

~~ Reprinted from here ~~
I was surprised to not hit it at all.
Certainly family relations, interpersonal relationships and love relationships were applied,
All the advice was not qualified, the more we adhere to the advice, the more I fell into the crucible.
Is not it okay to have such an opinion?
Thank you.
~~ Reprint so far ~~

It was such an opinion this time.
Sometimes I hear this,
The current situation, such as that it did not suit me
Why does it occur on the ground?
This, in my opinion

Good compatibility with fortunetellers
I do not share the same context in terms of business
(Old habits and good deeds that do not match old words and times)
If these words and customs are not shared
Who did you listen to? What? What? It is easy to become.

If so, do you want to make a small episode that can build relationships beforehand
It is supposed to find a good companion fortune-teller.

Thank you for your valuable opinion!

On the top page, we are creating a new appraisal “appraisal” page
─ = ≡ Σ (((one • ω •)

——- or less Reports of the past ——

Mr. Ms. Hello.
Before, I am the one who made a question about my uncle’s appearing time.

Last time last time the timing was met and I was able to fortune it.

If it is worth seeing in such a hands, why praise the hands for some reason.
You were pretty awesome.

Thank you very much.
Until recently I thank you.

by o’clock on September 16, 2016 6:13 PM

Ok, I finally seemed to be able to meet you ^ ^
Thank you very much for contacting me carefully ^ ^ v

by saku 100s September 16, 2016 9: 26 PM

Sudden comments I am sorry.
I’d like to ask you a question, but where is this fortune-teller working around?
I have never gotten into Tsudanuma, and I am happy if you let me know clear buildings.
Sorry to trouble you, but I will be waiting for your reply. .

by saliy 25th October 2016 9:31 AM

Hello, Thank you for contacting me. ^ ^

It is always in the map place after 21 o’clock
It seems that holidays are irregular.
If you are interested, when you know what time to call, you can contact me
(# ^^ #)

by saku 100s October 25, 2016 9:41 PM

Suddenly I’m sorry.
I am a fortune-teller who I had been worried about for quite a long time, but I would like to tell you if I know the appraisal fee.

Sorry for your inconvenience but we are waiting for your reply.

by Kana Occasionally October 31, 2016 10:13 PM

Kana san, Good evening ^ ^)
Fortune telling fee is uniform 3000 yen.
(# ^^ #)

by saku 100s November 1, 2016 7:35 PM

It was a place I was worried about so I will ask next time!
Thank you very much.

By Kana November 2, 2016 3:46 PM

Kana, I’m honored to be able to use it ^ ^) _ Daily ~

by saku 100s November 2, 2016 8:54 PM

Masa – san, you started it.
I’d like to ask about my uncle of fortune telling.
I tried searching several times, but I could not see you …
Is it possible to check if I will come next time?

by Anan November 6, 2016 1:17 PM

Hi, I’m going to ask today, please wait (# ^^ #)

by saku 100s November 8, 2016 12: 26 PM

Thank you!
Thank you! A

by Anan November 8, 2016 1:04 PM

Hello, Hello, I asked the other day
It has not been exhibited.

Details of contents that can not be described here,
I sent it to my posted address
Sorry to trouble you, but please check
ま さ ~ さ (# ^^ #)

by saku 100s November 10, 2016 12:00 PM

Many times, sorry for troubling you.
It is goodness (# ^^ #)
I just received a call back.
I will not be in Chiba on business trip till 12th this month
12-17 days around 21 o’clock 0 o’clock
It is said that it will be opened in the usual place of Tsudanuma on 19-26

by saku 100s November 10, 2016 12:09 PM

Thank you for your efforts during your busy schedule! A
I will inform you soon ^ _ ^

by Anan November 10, 2016 11:10 PM

Good morning.
Would you like to introduce us to the fortune-teller by all means because we want to divorce?
Thank you.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

by December 1, 2016 7:13 AM

Saki-sama, Hello
I was allowed to contact you by G – mail.

Please confirm.

Well done

by saku 100s December 1, 2016 10: 14 AM

Masasan, nice to meet you.
I’d like to ask about the fortune-teller,
Do you know how many days the New Year comes from?

by May December 29, 2016 9:52 PM

Mr. Maya, Good evening ^ ^

Inquiry contents,
Every year seems to work at a shrine
Three days are not in Chiba prefecture.

The year-end and New Year holidays and GW · O-Bon opening
We will contact you again at the end of the 3rd and we will add it to the article
I’m sorry but
Since I will contact you as soon as confirmation is taken
Please wait for a while until the end of the third day
Thank you <(_ _)>

by saku 100s December 30, 2016 7:20 PM

sorry for bothering you when you are so busy.
Thank you so much, I count on you! !

by May, January 1, 2017 7: 13 PM

We kept you waiting.
It is scheduled for January

It seems that we will start shopping from 12th
On January’s holiday only 18.26.27 days
We are planning to open stores everyday.
Because the time zone is as usual
Thank you for your continued support this year.
(1 • ㅂ •) و

by saku100s January 8, 2017 11: 47 PM

Hello, I would like to take over as well, but please let me know if you know the schedule for the exhibition in January.

by Anonymous January 7, 2017 6:06 PM

Hello, good luck this year, too
We are keeping you waiting
I will confirm it tomorrow! ^ ^

by saku100s January 8, 2017 1: 27 AM

We kept you waiting.
It is scheduled for January

It seems that we will start shopping from 12th
On January’s holiday only 18.26.27 days
We are planning to open stores everyday.
Because the time zone is as usual
Thank you for your continued support this year.
(1 • ㅂ •) و

by saku100s January 8, 2017 11: 47 PM

Would you like to come today?

by Yui January 7, 2017 8:16 PM

Hello, good luck this year, too
We are keeping you waiting
Today I could not confirm it personally
I will confirm it tomorrow! ^ ^

by saku100s January 8, 2017 1: 27 AM

Thank you very much.
If you would like to know the schedule of January I would like to contact you. Thank you.

by Yui January 8, 2017 9:42 AM

Yui-san, we kept you waiting.
It is scheduled for January

It seems that we will start shopping from 12th
On January’s holiday only 18.26.27 days
We are planning to open stores everyday.
Because the time zone is as usual
Thank you for your continued support this year.
(1 • ㅂ •) و

by saku 100s January 8, 2017 11: 46 PM

Thank you for confirming!
I am going to use it as an example!

by May, January 10, 2017 12:09 PM

I will contact you for the first time.
Could you tell me the schedule for February?
Thank you.

by by January 31, 2017, 11:20 AM

Hello, Hi, I’m checking, please wait for a while now ლ (‘ڡ ლ ლ)

by saku100s January 31, 2017 1:48 PM

Hello Martha.
I’d like to ask tomorrow to have my friends talk to you, but are there teachers?
Sorry it seems to be reminding me

by 2:20 PM February 2, 2017

Hello, I’m sorry to keep you ^ ^

Everyday from today 2/7.
2 / 8-2 / 12 It is not.
2 / 13-2 / 17 We are opening stores.
It is not 2/18.
We have opened 2/19.
2 / 20-2 / 22 Not available.
We are opening 2 / 23-2 / 26.
2/27 – We do not have late ends.

I’m counting on you (1 • ㅂ •) و

by saku 100s February 2, 2017 1:31 PM

Mr. Martha Thank you very much!
I am sorry that both my friends and I have troubles and urged them.
thank you very much!

by 2:00 PM February 2, 2017 1:47 PM

I sent a message to Facebook, but I will excuse your comment here m (_ _) m
I tried waiting at a specific place on the map from 21 o’clock until after 23 o’clock, avoiding the fortuneteller’s “day off” which was reply to other people here, but the appearance I could not do it.
I would like to ask the fortune teller’s message for sure to see you (> _ <)
I think that it is trouble for you to hand it over, thank you humbly.

by Miha February 3, 2017 11: 12 PM

Nice to meet you.
I also sent a message to Facebook, but I will also excuse m (_ _) m
I tried waiting until 21 o’clock to 23 o’clock in a certain place by avoiding “day off” which was reply to other people here, but I have never met.
I would like to see a fortune teller by all means, can you contact the fortune teller’s contact address (> _ <)
I think that it is trouble for you to hand it over, thank you humbly.

by Miha February 3, 2017 11: 18 PM

Mi san Good evening ^ ^
I sent a message to you separately.
Thank you for your review.

by saku 100s February 4, 2017 4:13 AM

I will comment for the first time.
I would like to tell you, but would you please tell us the schedule for March?
Thank you.

by EO March 1, 2017 9: 23 PM

I will comment for the first time.
I would like to tell you, but would you please tell us the schedule for March?
Thank you.

by OB March 1, 2017 9:24 PM

OB EO, I will check, please wait for a while ^ ^

by saku1